EPC012 (OD : 375X275X170 mm)



Item No. :EPC012


Internal Dimension:340×215×(27+129) mm

Outer Dimension:375×272×(33+137) mm

Weight:2,000 g





1. Material: High impact ABS.

2. On additional chargeable basis, Multilayer, shock absorbent foam diced into cubes are provided as standard to facilitate easy customization of the EPC products with customized cavities. The foam can also be glued into place if required.

3. Space provided for custom logo. Logo can be affixed both at the top cover and bottom of the case body.

4. Silicon Rubber Gasket provided for sealing and waterproofing requirements as per IP. Please ensure that the gasket is not subjected to scratching, scraping, pricking or cutting during handling / cleaning operations and no particles, such as sand or scrap are adhering to the gasket as this may affect the sealing.

5. All EPC products are provided with a Pressure Equalization Valve (also referred to as a Purge Valve) besides the handle. Incase the EPC case is not opening due to pressure imbalance, say, after a flight, loosen the valve in anti-clockwise direction to equalize the pressure.

6. Stains can be washed with household cleaning agents. Avoid hard brushes such as steel wire brushes to prevent scratches on the surface.

7. Avoid prolonged exposure to high heat, temperature and humidity to safeguard the contents ot the EPC products.

8. Six month warranty for main body. Not applicable if subjected to abuse beyond normal and sensible wear and tear. Transport costs shall be in buyer’s scope.

Order Note: 

1. Due to continuous design improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.

2. Color and material can be customized per your requirements. Flame retardant, antistatic agent, UV protection provisions can be specifically provided on request.

3. Certain modification can be carried out by us according to your requirements; such as drilling, punching, silk-screen printing, PCB or mounting pillars etc.

4. Special design needs may need an MOQ commitment. We are open to amortizing mould costs with suitable commercial commitment.

5. Additional costs may apply for all non-standard requirements and may affect delivery commitments.

6. Please rely only on our firm order confirmation for your further process.


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